Electric Heated leg Brace Wrap with Rechargable 7.4V 2600Mah Battery

Electric Heated leg Brace Wrap with Rechargable 7.4V 2600Mah Battery

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Note:Please charge the battery before using the heat knee brace wrap

About Thermotherapy:
Thermotherapy, also we called it heat therapy, is a use of heat in therapy for muscles, chronic pain or stress. It dilates the blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation and reduces muscle spasms, alters the sensations of pain. It is now commonly used to smooth pain and relax muscles.

1. Never apply to a joint that is already hot, red and irritated. 
2. If you are temperature sensitive, please wear pants beneath of it. 
3.Those with pacemakers, pregnant women, young children and those who can not express their willingness are prohibited to use.
4. Natural heat of this could helps improve: blood circulation, muscle soreness, joint problems, inflammations after workouts, mobility and flexibility.
5. It supports 1 hour working in high temperature, 2 hours in medium and 3 hours in lower after fully charged.

Package Includes:
1 x Heated Knee Wrap
1 x 2600mA 7.4V Battery
1 x Wall Charger
1 x Manual 

How to Use (3-way switch refers to button switch on the knee wrap)
1. Plug the power cord into 7.4v rechargeable lipo battery. 
2. Turn on the battery by pressing the power button (Note: the 3-way switch will flash red, white, blue in turn at the same time). 
3. Press the 3-way switch for about 3 seconds, red LED will be on, now the heating system on the vest starts to work. Sometimes, when press the 3-way switch, red LED will be not on, while flashing, please don`t worry, this means the heating system is in self-inspecting. We can just do the following step: Press the 3-way switch in turn (red-white-blue-red), then it will work again. 
4. Press the 3-way button switch to adjust the temperature: Red for high (65℃), White for Medium (55℃), Blue for low (45℃).